Aug. 23rd, 2016

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Emma June and I leave to go and stay at the guest apartment at my parent's place on Mercer Island today so that I can go to my PATH workshop tomorrow at Little Bit.  I am feeling very nervous about the whole thing for a variety of reasons.  For one thing I don't know anybody out there and I just did a quick search of their staff on their website to make sure that the crazy lady from last winter, Jan, does not work there.  The one who said I had no business being a therapeutic riding instructor because of my hobby of mounted shooting.  And who has a plan to rid the island of all us horrible pro-gun people and make it the peaceful island it was meant to be.  Anyway, she is not on the staff so hopefully will not be there.  And if she is it doesn't fucking matter.  If she is going to tarnish my image somehow to them and the instructors won't even give me a chance to show who I am outside of gossip then fuck them.  Sigh.

Also, it's supposed to be really hot this week and I think all our classes are outside and I'm hoping I'm ok with that. The hottest day is supposed to be Friday though and we're only in class till 1pm so hopefully it won't get super hot for too long before then.  And I can go back to my folk's place and go swimming in the lake with Emma June.

Then on Saturday I'm volunteering at RTR with a massage booth during their ride-a-thon.  And of course I'm worried that Roehbe and his wife will show up since he's their farrier.  But honestly, why would he? That is a day that he usually works and it's not like he's that involved with them and it's an hour away from where he lives so what would be the draw to go all the way up there? And he doesn't strike me as the kind of person who thinks of going out of his wife to "be there for support" for people.  He kisses up to them because he's got this weird "I'm so honorable because I support our troops" thing going on and he seems to put soldiers up on a pedastal (something I'm sure about them actually having all the qualities he lacks - follow-through, humility, ability to learn and work as a team, integrity, honest, etc).  Anyway, even if he was there, he and maybe he and Sarah would be two people out of however many are going - and I already have Michael, Ashleigh and Cheryl there who like me just fine and are doubtfully going to change their opinion of me just by gossip from him, and Candice and Ethan will be there and I KNOW they won't listen to gossip from him, and Maura is going with me and two new people I befriended at the Summervale show, Gene and Tammy may stop by since they live down there.  So, there are a lot of people I connect with going so worrying about some immature, uneducated little redneck with a chip on his shoulder seems kind of silly.  That's like worrying that there might be a mosquito at the party.  One mosquito, maybe two tops.

So, I'm mostly just anxious about the unknown.  And I feel overwhelmed by stuff we have to do before we leave so instead of getting on it and doing it I feel like just sitting here feeling frozen by "stuff to do".  On that note, I should probably get on it and do all the stuff I need to do before we go catch our ferry this afternoon.


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