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My cough has almost completely gone away which has given going to bed a whole new appeal because I can lay down without starting to cough until I gag. I've been catching up on sleep the last few days.

I had to work 45 minutes late because we had a big order to get out to "the billionaire" - this guy who was friends with Steve Jobs and has some big wig Tibetan Buddhist place in San Francisco that he needed cushions for. Anyway, he didn't like the blue fabric that we had so he sent us a bunch of this nasty wool stuff (that made my hands itch because of the stuff the wool was treated with) that cost about $49 a yard. Anyway, Lidunn sewed 50 cushion skins out of "the nasty stuff" as we called it and we had to finish making all of them today. They looked very nice, they just felt very uncomfortable and of course without my gloves they made my hands itch. Anyway, we had to get it out today so we had to kick ass to get it all done before UPS showed up for their daily pick-up at 4pm. Now I'm tired. But we got it done and it looked very nice (even though who in the right mind is going to want to sit on this stuff? Billionaires are weird). I'm tired now though. Lots of heavy lifting. And I'm already sore from trying out a yoga class on Wed. night.

Yesterday was nice - I went out to the Port Madison Indian Reservation to massage a horse for the Native Youth Horsemanship Program. The lady who runs it lives in a little one room shack that was really cozy and the horses just roam freely around her 30 acre yard. She wanted me to work on her 18 year old stallion and he was so amazingly sweet. He didn't react in any typical "stallion" ways and seemed to really enjoy his massage and yawned and farted a lot and near the end he actually turned his head, nuzzled me a little and tried to groom me as a way of saying "thank you." It was nice that the lady who runs it gushed over how good I was with her horses and how much they liked me and that the stallion is usually stand-offish with strangers but seemed to really take to me. I did say that most horses really like people who massage them so it wasn't too hard to get him to like me. I'm going back in a couple weeks to work on her mare. But since she doesn't have much money I said I'd go out for payment of a couple of her cd's that she made back in the day when she was professional musician in Nashville.

(I started writing that last night - Friday - and got distracted - finishing this Sat. a.m.)

I was supposed to ride in a clinic this weekend up at the park but I couldn't find a ride for Mr. Geir. That was disappointing but now in retrospect I think it turned out ok because I need as much time as possible to catch up on work around the house and yard as I can get. And I'm sore from work yesterday and lifting all those 30 to 40 pound boxes which were big and bulky and not easy to carry. It's not so hard to lift something small that's 40 pounds, but it's a lot harder when you have to carry it with your arms spread way out and trying to balance it.

Next week I have some parents with their little kids coming to meet me about riding lessons so I'd like to have some things - like the grooming area in the carport all set up by then. And I'd like to get the garden done this weekend so I can start planting stuff. Although it's probably fine I waited this long because the night time temperatures keep dropping below 40.


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