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The farmer's market was kind of a bust today. I made $52 which isn't horrible but isn't really worth it. If I add the four weeks I've been there up I have averaged $75 a market. Which I guess isn't too bad - it's $75 for 4 hours of sitting around talking to people. Granted setting up and tearing down is a pain in the ass. But I have a pretty small operation so it's not too big of a deal.

There was a camera crew there for HGTV's show "Island Life" which is apparently about a family thinking of moving to Vashon Island. All we knew was it was a show about living on Vashon, so all us vendors are just sitting there in our booths watching the camera men running around and then we see a "perfect" looking couple in totally stereotypical "island clothes" - the lady has on a sundress and sandals and the man has cargo shorts and a button up shirt and the kids have perfectly messed up hair and tye-dye. And the camera is following them as they walk and look so poised and "fake" but sterotype. And I asked the folks next to me "Who are those people? Do you know those people?" and they said, "No," and we just started asking around "Do those people live here? Have you seen those people before?" and apparently nobody in the booths around me knew who they were. Later we saw them being filmed climbing the tree that all the kids like to climb. It was very staged! I asked one of the pages (gopher? runner?) if they were actors and he said "No, they're regular people" and I said, "Do they live here?" and he said, "No, they're thinking of moving here and it's a show about them thinking of moving here." Ah - so they're not part of the Actors Guild but they did audition and get the part of "playing people who want to move to Vashon". Not surprising. But kind of annoying. I was a little worried about cameras coming to my booth because they often warp things on reality tv and the contracts basically said, "We can totally humiliate you and defame you and there's nothing you can do about it - agreed?" I was kind of hoping EJ would get to be on tv but she didn't seem to care.

It got hot by around 12:30. But it wasn't so bad in the shade. It sucked when we took our tent down though. And a pole on our tent broke which was irritating but might be fixable with some gorilla tape. I'm not going out in the 90 degree weather right now to try though.
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